Best Smartwatch Under 5000

looking for best smartwatch under 5000 then your search end here. A smartwatch is a wearable gadget that can do much more than just tell the time. You may make calls, send messages, and receive notifications by connecting it to your smartphone. In addition to tracking your heart rate, steps done, and calories burnt, certain smartwatches can monitor your overall health and fitness. There are several models of smartwatches on the market.

There are plenty other smartwatches available. However, some of them stand out for their own reasons. More hostility has been shown against them. We will determine which smartwatches are the best.

Best smartwatch Under 5000

Here are some of the best smartwatch under 5,000 in India as of July 2023 after examining the search results:

Realme watch 3 pro

A best smartwatch under 5000 with lots of helpful capabilities, the Realme Watch 3 Pro is feature-rich. Here are some of the Realme Watch 3 Pro’s standout features.

  • Display: The realme Watch 3 Pro Smartwatch has an up to 4.52 cm (1.78) curved AMOLED display that has a screen-to-body ratio of up to 68.7%, With up to 500 nits of screen brightness . This watch guarantees excellent performance.
  • Bluetooth Calling: You can place and receive calls directly from your watch thanks to Bluetooth calling capabilities in the Realme Watch 3 Pro.
  • GPS: You can track your position and exercises with the Realme Watch 3 Pro without connecting to your phone thanks to its multi-system independent GPS.
  • Battery Life: A single charge of a smartwatch may power it for up to 10 days. Battery capacity is up to 345 mAh.
  • Sensors: Numerous sensors are included in the Realme Watch 3 Pro, including an accelerometer, heart rate monitor, and SpO2 blood oxygen saturation sensor.
  • Sports Tracking: Up to110 sport different mode activities, including swimming, cycling, and running, may be tracked with the Realme Watch 3 Pro.
  • Health Monitoring: This wristwatch enables you to monitor your health by providing different health features including heart rate, blood oxygen level, daily activity monitoring, and sleep tracking. So, although not being a medical equipment, it may nevertheless assist you in keeping track of your health.
  • Water Resistence: The Realme Watch 3 Pro is water resistant and has an IP68 rating.

In general, the Realme Watch 3 Pro is a fantastic choice for people searching for a cheap smartwatch with a tonne of features.


  • Display with 60 Hz AMOLED
  • GPS built-in
  • Support for Bluetooth calling
  • Lightweight construction
  • Sports Mode 110
  • Fair accuracy
  • a large AMOLED display
  • On-going display mode
  • Battery life is long (up to 10 days on a single charge).


  • Water-Resistant but Not 5 ATM
  • Plastic makes up the entire body.
  • The frame’s glossy appearance might get dirty and need cleaning.
  • lacking support for Wi-Fi
  • Lack of SIM connection
  • without a splashproof coating
  • absence of screen protection

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Assist

The Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Assist best smartwatch under 5000 has a variety of features and functions to offer. Based on the search results, the Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Assist’s main characteristics are as follows:

  • Display: It has a 1.55-inch display with a crisp, bright UI for simple viewing and navigation. come with a 320×360 pixel HD touchscreen.
  • Alexa Built-in: Using your voice, just touch to complete tasks. Using your personal assistant, you may set alarms, check the weather and pass the time.
  • Health Monitoring: It has capabilities like measuring SpO2, heart rate, and stress all the time.
  • Sports Modes: The wristwatch has 14 sports settings that let users keep track of their exercises and activities.
  • Battery Life: The 10-day battery life means that nothing stands between you and good health.
  • Water Resistance: It is suitable for swimming and other water-related activities because of its 5ATM water resistance rating.
  • Variants: There are several colour options for the Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Assist, including Rose Pink and Jet Black.


  • greater size, better display, and more watch faces
  • precise step counting
  • accurate monitoring of heart rate
  • monitoring SPO2 accurately
  • precision in stress monitoring
  • accurate monitoring of sleep
  • high-quality colour reproduction


  • just three to four watch faces are built-in.
  • Three sides have thin bezels, which are somewhat apparent on the downside.

OnePlus Nord Watch

OnePlus sells best smartwatch under 5000 that called the Nord Watch. Here are some of the main characteristics and details of the OnePlus Nord Watch:

  • Display: 1.78″ AMOLED display with a maximum brightness of 500 nits and a 368*448 resolution at 326 PPI. Even in direct sunshine, the screen’s content may be viewed well.
  • Battery Life: 30 days of standby time and 10 days of battery life. Call and message alerts, as well as camera and music controls.
  • Health Monitoring: Blood oxygen (SPO2) monitoring, heart rate tracking, stress monitoring, and a women’s health tracker are just a few of the capabilities available on the OnePlus Nord Watch.
  • Design:The 1.78″ AMOLED screen of the OnePlus Nord Watch has a 368×448 pixel resolution.
  • Refresh Rate:The fastest and smoothest smart watch refresh rate is 60 Hz,
  • Fitness Modes: The watch has 105 different sports modes to track different activities.
  • Water resistence: With a OnePlus watch Sporty band and IP68 waterproof and dust resistance, this wristwatch is stylish.


  • AMOLED screen
  • (Water and dust resistance) IP68 rated
  • Interactive dynamic
  • enough battery life
  • UI that is fluid
  • Support for well-made apps
  • check your heart rate
  • NFC


  • No Bluetooth calling functionality
  • no capability for the spinning crown
  • Always-on display not present
  • Lack of integrated GPS
  • Expensive
  • not compatible with third-party applications
  • Absence of iOS support

Fire-Boltt Visionary

An advanced best smartwatch under 5000 According to the search results, the following are some important facts regarding the Fire-Boltt Visionary:

  • Display:The Fire-Boltt Visionary support a 1.78″ AMOLED Display with the Always On function and a high-end 368*448 Pixel Resolution. The timepiece’s peak brightness is 700 NITS.
  • Design: Available in black, blue, green, pink, dark grey, and champagne gold colours, the Fire-Boltt Visionary boasts a contemporary design. Changeable silicone straps are attached to a rectangular, flat dial
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0 and above. Android versions 4.4 and above, and iOS 7.0 and up.
  • Calling and Connectivity: You may make and receive calls directly from the wristwatch thanks to Bluetooth calling capability. TWS connection and AI voice help are also present.
  • Battery Life: The watch has a 2 day Bluetooth calling (normal usage)* battery life and a 5 day battery life without Bluetooth calling and Always On Display.
  • Sports Modes and Health Features:100 unique sports modes are available for a variety of activities on the Fire-Boltt Visionary. It offers smart health functions such a blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) sensor, step counter, sleep monitor, pedometer, and calorie counter.
  • water resistence: The IP68 rating means that the smartwatch is appropriate for daily activities like hand washing, taking a shower, or swimming.
  • Supported Applications: Call notifications, health tracking (SpO2, heart rate, sleep), notifications from all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp), sports tracking, and many other features
  • Other Features: The Fire-Boltt Visionary has intelligent functions including remote camera and audio control, weather updates, an alarm clock, a stopwatch, and more.
  • This wristwatch features a 128MB internal memory that you may use to store your tunes and play local audio on a Bluetooth headphone.


  • a huge 1.78-inch AMOLED screen
  • superior style and design
  • multipurpose crown
  • Inside storage
  • Durability and resistance to water
  • counting calories
  • sensor for heart rate
  • sleep monitoring
  • distance monitor


  • Occasionally, connection difficulties.
  • Certain features’ accuracy is unknown.


An cheap and best smartwatch under 5000 come with a fitness tracker and number of features are there in Amazfit Bip U Pro. These are some important specifics of the Amazfit Bip U Pro:

  • Health Monitoring: A SpO2 sensor and continuous heart rate monitoring are features of the Bip U Pro. Keep accurate records of your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, stress level, breathing, sleep pattern, and quality.
  • Design: The Amazfit Bip U Pro is made of plastic and has a square form similar to the Apple Watch. It sports a 1.43-inch colour LCD screen.
  • Display:A 1.43-inch TFT LCD screen with a 320 × 302 pixel resolution is available on the Bip U Pro. Even on sunny days, the display is sufficiently bright to be easily viewable. It is a colour touchscreen that makes using the watch’s capabilities and navigating across them simple.
  • Battery Life: Up to 9 days of battery life with regular use and smart notifications.
  • GPS: The Bip U Pro features integrated GPS, unlike its predecessor, enabling more precise tracking of outdoor activities.
  • Sport Mode: Over 60 activity options are available on the Amazfit Bip U Pro, including outdoor jogging, treadmill running, walking, cycling, yoga, cricket, basketball, and more.
  • Water Resistence: The 5 ATM water resistance rating of the Amazfit Bip U Pro indicates it can endure activities in shallow water like swimming in a pool or at the beach. The Bip U Pro can resist 1.5 metres of water at most for 30 minutes.
  • Amazon Alexa: Using Amazon Alexa incorporated into the Bip U Pro, you can do a variety of things, like ask questions, obtain translations, set alarms and timers, check the weather and manage smart home appliances.
  • Watch Faces: Four watch faces are pre-installed on the Bip U Pro, and the Zepp App offers access to an additional 40 online watch faces. You may also submit your own images to create a customised watch face.


  • GPS built-in for precise tracking
  • Accurate sleep monitoring
  • worth the money
  • A reasonable number of features for the price
  • long-lasting battery
  • Variety of features geared towards fitness
  • outstanding construction and minimal weight design
  • clear and distinct display
  • Look premium
  • Every sensor operates correctly.


  • App sync problems
  • Better notification handling is possible.
  • The smart assistant features of Alexa are not particularly helpful.
  • No support for third-party apps
  • The screen detects fingerprints

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